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Wednesday, July 20, 16hs (Spanish time)

Lumen Prints:
Using Digital Screens to Print Analogue Photos

with Andrey Piletsky

In this workshop, we’ll learn how to use a smartphone to produce a photographic print on silver gelatin photo paper. This technique will allow you to make an analogue print from any digital photo, fixing it using household salt. We will use the smartphone as a camera and as a printing apparatus by contacting it with photo paper. I developed this technique during my holidays when I wanted to print photos where all I brought with me was a pack of photo paper. We’ll start with an explanation of the technique with its possibilities and limits. Then we will see the first print, demonstrated by me. After that, each will make her own first guided print. We’ll collectively examine the results and make a second print individually. After the second print, I’ll lead a discussion about lumen print permanence and suggest ways to work with impermanent images. We’ll have a go at fixing the prints, and see what happens to them when left unfixed.

Juliana Gagne.jpg

Thursday, July 21, 16hs (Spanish time)

Film Soup:
Magical Potion
Cooking Class

with Juliana Gagné

Explore the psychedelic world of film soup with the magical potions cooking class. Juliana Gagné works with disposable cameras that they destroy over the process of shooting. Cameras are tinted, stabbed, swam with, frozen and souped and through the destruction of the apparatus a new image is born. We will explore different magical potion (film soup) recipes and experiment with the results of mixing different liquids, alcohols, detergents and spices. Juliana will explain the process of creating concept-driven soup recipes and the various ways disposable cameras can be manipulated for experimental photography.

Friday, July 22, 16hs (Spanish time)

Introduction to Experimental 3D Art
with Blender

with Irina Chernikova

Introduction to Experimental 3D Art will cover the basics of Blender software, how to work with primitives, modifiers, simulations, animation, rendering and real-world applications.

I. Introduction

II. Inspiration, Examples of Blender Projects

III. Building from Primitives

IV. Modifiers & Particles

V. Building an Object/Character from Scratch - Follow Along

VI. Building a Scene / Environment from Scratch - Follow Along

VII. Rendering an Image and Animation

Saturday, July 23, 16hs (Spanish time)

Handmade Cinema
and Direct Animation

with Cali M. Banks

Cali M. Banks Handmade Cinema and Direct Animation 4.png

Filmmaking should be accessible to anyone who wants to create! Interested in working with film and moving images, but don't have access to a camera? Tactile filmmaking, also called handmade cinema, is a great way to dive into the world of film. Participants will learn how to create their own films using ink, glitter glue, stickers, and markers to create direct animations on 16mm film. Learn about counter-cinema, or film that deviates from what you would see in mainstream, Hollywood film, through colour, concept, and material. No experience is necessary!

Sunday, July 24, 16hs (Spanish time)

Pinhole and Beyond

with Heather Palecek

Palecek 4 - Pinhole Los Lagos.jpg

In this workshop, you’ll be immersed into the science and magic of pinhole photography through lecture and hands-on camera making. Heather will teach you about the history and theory of pinhole photography and lead you through an exploration of the many ways you can create a camera and interact with the medium. Heather will teach you how pinhole photography works and some history, review the 3 pinhole camera techniques and the variety of choices and options you have when making a camera, and then you’ll learn how to make your own. Afterwards, you’ll learn composition techniques to get the most out of your pinhole photography experience and find out how to follow your intuition and “break the rules” to get experimental with the medium.

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