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+ Visionado Horizontal de Portafolios

Virginia Dal Magro - Dale Rio - Justin Quinnell (St. Paul's Community Darkroom, Bristol, Regne Unit) - Esther Montoriol (Barcelona, Espanya) - Ivelin Penchev (RadLab Studio, Bulgaria) - Stefan Dinu (Allkimik, Romania) - Emily Swift (Darkslide Film Lab, Estats Units) - Il Meccanico (Verona, Italia)

A tenir en compte: 

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HPR1. Horizontal Portfolio Review

The Horizontal Portfolio Reviews are meeting spaces between eight gallery owners, curators and facilitators from around the world with the participants and artists who participate in the workshop to improve their proposals so that they can be selected and exhibited internationally. Next summer, the focus will be on having a robust, interactive exchange of ideas where participants benefit not only by receiving feedback on their work but also by providing critical feedback for their peers. Participants will be asked to present a PDF portfolio to the group, and the group - in turn - will be challenged to think critically about their peers’ presentations, assessing the portfolio design, the presentation, and the work itself. Participants will also be asked to step into the role of curator by selecting the work of one of their peers and (anonymously) advocating for that work explaining what it was about the compelling work. On the tangible curatorial side, participants will have the opportunity to meet with facilitators and curators who represent galleries worldwide and will choose artists to exhibit internationally.

HPR2. Horizontal Portfolio Review

HPR3. Horizontal Portfolio Review


HPR4. Horizontal Portfolio Review

Facilitators, curators and gallerists

Virginia Dal Magro, Dale Rio, Justin Quinnell, Esther Montoriol, Ivelin Penchev, Stefan Dinu, Emily Swift and Il Meccanico

Galleries and spaces of exhibitions

Armstrong Gallery at The Knowlton

The Armstrong Gallery is 1,400 sq ft with a capacity of up to 150 guests located at The Knowlton in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Functioning as a privately run art space, The Armstrong Gallery hosts monthly shows, artist talks, live performances and other events that contribute to our cultural vibrancy.

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Il Meccanico

The place preserves the soul of the mechanic as a space for mechanics, for productive relationships that generate others in a virtuous gear. The space will host projects that speak of experimental photography, contaminated with contemporary art in languages and research. A photograph that, in all respects, is in the paradigm of the contemporary.

RadLab Studio

RadLab, founded in 2019 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, is a photography studio dedicated to preserving the artistic heritage of analog and emulsion-based photography. Specializing in techniques such as salt print, lith print, carbon print, cyanotype, gum-bichromate zine making and more, we offer workshops, residencies, and collaborations to promote cultural enrichment in photography. Our vision is to provide our darkroom, digital lab, and know-how so that artists and enthusiasts can experiment with different media, learn techniques, share experiences, and inspire each other.

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Esther Montoriol Gallery

The Esther Montoriol gallery promotes the understanding of contemporary art by exhibiting a careful selection of works from artists, both emerging and established, who work indistinctly with painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, or video.

The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft

In 2006 the first anti-consumerism wall went up in Jamaica Street as an Outdoor Gallery, The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft is been an integral part of Bristol alternative art scene with its ever changing Art wall seen by thousands.  PRSC is a community enterprise that holds the philosophy of a new economy close at heart showing through direct action that change is possible and resolutely rejecting the notion that there is no alternative and building on ways of making our own future.

peoples republic of stokes croft 2_edite


Asociatia Fotografica Allkimik is an alternative photography non profit collective, which started 14 years ago as a indie film lab specialising in developing and analog printing (cyanotype/cibachrome/gum arabic), and especially, in the wet collodion ambrotype process and other alternative techniques. From the beginning, Allkimik was not commercially oriented but rather founded to sustain the analog photography community with a common place for events and specialized services. Now, the collective function as a non-profit with three founding members, Ștefan Dinu, Sabina Suru and Alex Spineanu.

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